Ah Beetz

May 7, 2011 § 4 Comments

On her way back from Abbotsford, my roommate brought home a Salsiccia pie from Ah Beetz. Wow! Best pizza in the GVRD (that’s Greater Vancouver Regional District to non-Vancourites) by far. Salsiccia had Italian sausage (made in house), red onions, aged mozzarella, bocconcini, parmigiano reggiano and fresh basil. Paige added artichokes on top of that. The result was an incredibly delicious pie, with an impressive crust that withstood succumbing to the moisture of the toppings during the drive back home. The crust remained dry and crisp on the outside, chewy and elastic on the inside.

Oh and the sausage! The sausage was delicious! Fresh, flavoursome, with nice pops of fennel seed throughout.

I have to mention that the pie was still the best I’ve ever had in this city even though we didn’t eat it straight out of the 700 degree oven. It was taken on a 2 hour drive home and reheated in our little subpar “oven” and still tasted absolutely delicious!

If you have a car (I don’t), I would thoroughly suggest doing a day trip out to this place. Eat a pie there, and bring three home.

Ah Beetz New York Pizza on Urbanspoon


§ 4 Responses to Ah Beetz

  • Terry Deane says:

    I am the original owner of Ah-Beetz. I sold it a few months ago to open a restaurant in Vancouver. It will be located at 654 East Broadway and will be called Pizzeria Barbarella. I thought you might like to know. Terry Deane

  • M Volpe says:

    hello whatapavlova my uncle owns that resterant and yes it is one of the best pizza i have ever eaten i love it thanks for the good review my uncle was the one who sold you that pizza we were all very happy when he started selling it tell all your friends we love new costomers

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