Seattle Day 1

April 22, 2011 § 1 Comment

So we took a little city break down to Seattle where it was all about breweries, bookshops, cocktails and carnivorous appetites. We arrived at the Ace around noon, dropped off our bags and promptly went on a two-day food tour of the city.

Above is the view from our table at Matt’s in the Market where we had lunch.

How lovely is this room?! The light! The view!

It was so obvious that one of us was going to need to order the Stumptown BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich …

… and so we did. Look at that thing! Layers and layers of pork, slathered with sauce and slaw. It was a ridiculously generous serving. So incredibly good.

Apologies for the state of the photos. We quickly realized there is such a thing as too much light.

And on top of all that pork, a generous serving of potato salad. Yes, with more pork. Lovely bits of bacon throughout.

I ordered the Catfish Sandwich. Unfortunately they ran out of the potato bread and offered me a baguette instead.

It was deeelish! And again, so incredibly generous with the catfish! I found that the catfish fell out of its batter and made the bread quite moist, but I don’t think it would have been different with the potato bread. I saw most patrons in the restaurant eating their catfish sandwich with a knife and fork.

Very happy with our experience at Matt’s. So incredibly filling though, I could only finish half my sandwich and the SO – taking one of the team – finished mine on top of his mountain of BBQ pork.

Matt's in the Market on Urbanspoon

I should mention that we had a little snack in the market before our meal which would have contributed to our feelings of being overstuffed so satisfied.

Mac and cheese from Beecher’s Handmade Cheese – the “World’s Best” Mac and Cheese!

Wow, I don’t know about world’s best (will have to do a food tour) but this was pretty damn good. Definitely tempted to order a tray of this stuff shipped priority overnight.

You can grab a seat at the “bar” and watch Beecher’s cheesemakers separate the curds from the whey. It was pretty fascinating for me since I remembered all the steps from that food science course I took for my science credit at UBC. See Dad my BA was useful!

After a stroll through the market, we walked to up Capital Hill to burn off lunch, have a wander and decide where we wanted to go for dinner (this food tour stuff is tough)! We were deciding between Quinn’s and Sitka and Spruce – the latter has traditional Mexican comidas every Monday (the night we were there).

Sitka and Spruce is located in this gorgeous food/other things less important than food market called Melrose Market. I wish we had a destination like this in Vancouver. A lovely assembly of a butcher shop, cheesemonger, wine shop, and places to eat and have a drink. There are seats outside, but with nice big windows the market gets tons of light so it’s just as nice to sit indoors.

Soon it was drinking time. First stop: happy hour at Elysian Brewing Company.

Cocktails at Zig Zag Cafe.

So we decided on dinner at Quinn’s.

Whoa, salt! This place has salting issues that reminded me of Refuel (and why we never went back to Refuel!) which is unfortunate because the flavours were all there, the service was amazing and the drinks were delicious. I had a quaffable Spire Mountain Dark and Dry Cider that would result in another and had the consequence of me passing out in my clothes in the hotel room.

Anyways, on to the food!

We shared the bone marrow and escargot starter. This was delicious. The bone marrow was rich, creamy and melted in your mouth. The escargot was earthy with a nice bite. We scooped up the sauce with the bread. I was very happy with this.

My warning of salt to come was the little bit of lettuce than it came with. What the fuck? That thing was so so salty it was ridiculous!

SO ordered the burger.

It came medium rare as requested which was nice.

But damn – salt! SO took the bacon off his burger and left it on the plate. Removing bacon – blasphemous! That’s how salty it was!

I was still pretty full from lunch so I ordered a small plate. Above is the oxtail, gnocchi, roasted corn, fontina, and crispy marrow. This was rich, delicious with wonderful meaty flavours from the oxtail, but again, salt! It was a small portion, but I left half of it on my plate because of the salt content.

Our sodium overload was unfortunate because we really wanted to love Quinn’s. After doing a bit more research post-meal it seems like inconsistency with salting has been an issue at the restaurant – sometimes over salting, sometimes under salting. Too bad.

Quinn's on Urbanspoon

That was our first day in Seattle. Day 2 here!


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